2021 Invitation and Message

I am inviting 2021 questions and topics for psychic examination for the annual “Psychic Predictions for 2021” posting. You may use the comments section for this post to add your questions or request a topic to examine.

2021 will be a year where humans will face either having to dig in to face the things coming forth, or hide in the closet of our own mind and soul. For Human freewill, both choices will be made by one or the other. The fear of failure is a factor, but failure only comes to those who never try. If we find ourselves using the words, “I can’t”, then change the word “can’t” to “won’t” and we have the real sentiment underlying the statement. Because, it is true, if we’re not willing, we will accomplish nothing – if we are willing, we will accomplish all we can think … because if we’re willing, God gets on board to help.

In 2021, we are called by the Universe of All Things to “try”, regardless of whether we reach that which we think we’re supposed to. Believe it or not, in God’s Heart for us, reaching for the stars is worthwhile, and if we only make it 1 foot off the ground, we’ve progressed.

Finally, I send this message to all: Be aware, that we already are “enough” of “this”, “that” and “everything” … to be loved. We are already good enough, smart enough, accomplished enough, successful enough, everything enough …. to be loved. The vast majority of all humans do almost all things in order to be loved more … without realizing this. We all want to be loved, and this motivates us unconsciously. And we can become aware that – We are already enough…. to be loved.

God bless us, Everyone.

11 thoughts on “2021 Invitation and Message

  1. 2020 brought us COVID-19 and all of its challenges. What major challenges do you see 2021 bringing to the world, before or after the vaccine will have been introduced? Or, what major challenge(s) do you see humanity facing that isn’t COVID related?

    What major geopolitical events do you see occurring?

    Will the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan be resolved?

    What are the ramifications of Israel having normalized relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in 2021?

    What positive events do you see occurring in 2021?


  2. I think you should write and publish book about “Putting the Apple Back” because many people were unable to attend your lectures on this matter. It seems like an important topic, and I for one would buy your book. Just a thought. – Cathy C.


    • Do you see progress being made in the US toward a greener economy? What types of jobs do well and which ones won’t do well. Do you see any positive changes in the news media or still people being funneled according to which channels they watch? Any major hurricanes as well? Maya be you could do a break down for each part of the country like you did in previous predictions. Will advancements be made in race relations when there is a change in presidency?


    • So far, for the rest of 2020, I see gasoline prices being stable. I don’t see much change. In 2021, I can see a little more fluctuation, but not anything we haven’t gone through before. The rumors of extreme economic problems are not what I see happening – except I do see more spreading of rumors that don’t happen.


  3. How is the housing market going to be in the united states? Things are still hot. Are foreclosure and evictions going to be serious issues in 2021? Mass homelessness?


    • The housing market will be good for buyers because the interest rates for mortgages will continue to be low with a potential small increase in the spring, 2021, but an increase will be reversed. The interest rates will be in the lower range for almost the whole year. At the end of the year, we can see a small increase. The potential for a wave of foreclosures will come, because the owners of rental houses will be suffering and many will not be able to pay the mortgages. The potential for evictions will be upon us as well. After Jan 20th, the evictions will be halted for Covid 19 and for relief reasons. It will be difficult for the new administration to keep both of these from happening, but much of this will be avoided. As for mass homelessness, much effort will come forth to keep this from happening. But, there will be some, just not at the “mass” scale.


  4. Will Trump leave office without starting a war first? Is he going to try and incite his followers to encourage a civil war after he leaves or will things calm down once he is out of office?


    • For your 1st question: A military war – No, but his war on the election system will continue to January 20, 2021. His verbal war will continue afterwards. 2nd question: Again, I don’t see a military civil war in the US, but there are factions in the US who will carry out pockets of violence. I see mostly the violence coming from white supremacist groups and mostly in the Eastern states. The potential exists in Nevada, but I’m not seeing it manifest in Montana unless it’s from 1 or 2 people only. Prayers will help minimize the harm they seek to inflict. 3rd question: As for calming down after he is out of office – not at first. His need for the services of lawyers will become news stories in Feb-March. This kind of news will drag on for a while.


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