Accepting Us Just as We Are

It can come as a shock for people who want to be accepted just as they are . . .

That several things must happen, but first

There are some that will not accept some people just as they are. They will criticize, judge, condemn, insult, verbally abuse, and in some cases physically harm and kill.

The laws help to draw the line and stop, as much as possible, the physical abuse and harm that might happen,  but we live in a world where there are still venues for people to criticize, judge, condemn, insult and verbally abuse – and in many cases – anonymously.

When in the public eye, this comes quite often.


Now, to happen first: We check within – looking to see if we are pulling on that other person to be ‘what we want them to be’ instead of letting them be themselves. We may want them to be kind, fun-loving, accepting, gentle, tolerant, friendly, forgiving, etc, etc, etc and more etc. – but they are not.  Not pulling on someone to be something other than the person that they are, is just as difficult for us, as it would be for them.

Second: Realize that this “wanting” on our part is another way of not accepting someone just as they are, even though bashing and insulting others with their agenda seems to be their chosen road in life. They are who they are because of choosing of their own freewill. Likewise, we are who we are because of choosing of our own freewill. If we’re not going to accept them, how can we seek for them to be accepting.

Third: While we may not enjoy their chosen character traits and ways of expressing themselves in the world through condemning us and others, judging, etc, etc.; the trait we, personally, are struggling against is “criticism and judgement”, which we have not healed yet inside ourselves, either. How can we expect others to not criticize, judge, condemn and insult when we haven’t yet chosen to “not”.

Four: Examine within – again – at who our greatest critic, our greatest judge, and our greatest source of guilt and shame – the source of all this is the one we live with 24 hours a day, every day of our life. Sadly, we insult our self within, we judge our self within, we condemn our self within wayyyyyyyy mooooorrrrrree than any other person does to us. Of our own freewill, we can work on letting go of, – again of our own freewill – beating ourselves up every single day, or we can choose of our own freewill to let go of this self-internal-abuse which every single human on this planet does to him/herself.

Fifth: In many cases, we have past lives that we’re also dealing with – namely, in our current life, facing the same that we dished out to others in our past life or lives. If we’re willing, we can use these experiences to remember to think twice about whether we want to continue dishing out this kind of insulting pain and suffering onto others in the future.
Every day we have the opportunity to find something within ourselves to heal, to change, to learn and eventually to release from guilt/shame and to love. The circumstances we find ourselves in, the relationships we find ourselves in, the world we find ourselves in – all of these can help provide us a place to start to change the person we are and the character traits we have – within ourselves.

The freedom of expression which we seek, we CAN find, but it cannot be just for ourselves alone – we must find it and allow this freedom of expression out to everyone else as well, even when their expression is the opposite of what we want in our lives and brings pain and suffering.

The Infinite Consciousness of Love, also known as God, has given us the freewill to choose our own character traits to express in our lives, and we are called to respect that same freewill choosing that others have made for their lives.

And what do you do when you choose to love, but someone else you’re in touch with or in relationship with chooses to hate? Ask God what He/She does, because He/She faces this every single day.

“Mercy is a wonderful thing for us to receive from Others. It is a wonderful thing for the Others to receive, as well.”

“Guilt and shame – Our chains of guilt and shame can only land on others if we hold the chains on them with our own hands. Everyone the chains of guilt and shame touch and are touched by are ruled by the chains of guilt and shame – the chains that we grip by our very own hands.  Yet, it is easy for us to release these chains – release ourselves from these chains – if we know one thing.  For us to release ourselves from these chains gripping us, we must release the chains for all others that we place them around. At anytime, if we pick them back up to place the chains back on others, we chain ourselves back up, as well.”

“The experiences we create for others to experience, we are also creating for ourselves to experience – not at the same time and place, but at some point in time, in some location in Earth, in some life we will lead.  That which we create is experienced by the Infinite All.”


“There will never be a day that we can stop people from condemning and criticizing others by condemning and criticizing those who do it.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2016, Jodie Senkyrik)

“When we criticize others, rarely, if ever, do we take unselfish action to help the ones we criticize. When we take unselfish action to help others, rarely, if ever, do we criticize the ones we help.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2016, Jodie Senkyrik)

“It won’t be the professionals that bring harmony to the Earth. It will be the prayers of us amateurs.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2016, Jodie Senkyrik)

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