A Boost for the Soul

Look at the person in front of you.
Look at the person beside you.
Think about the person you saw yesterday,
or the family member that made you angry,
or the coworker who you get upset with,
or person on TV,
or the politician that most disgusts you.

This person needs help, in some way, with the challenges they, as souls, were born into this world to face.

Soul challenges are hard. All people need some type of assistance to help us with the struggles we came to learn how to deal with.

Each soul we see, from one day to the other, was born with challenges to face. The souls we see need help, just as much as the face of the soul we see in the mirror. We all need help, and we get it from each other. We all know how hard these challenges are in our own life. No one’s soul challenges are any easier, and don’t assume a lot of money solves any SOUL challenges. In fact, usually a lot of money creates greater and more difficult soul challenges.

A prayer, a kind word, a kind thought, a change from impatience to patience, catching ourselves from blurting out that criticism, thanking someone, another prayer – these will help souls working on the challenges during their life which they purposefully came to face.

We may never see the results of this help, but a human body takes millions of breaths each life and perhaps, if only for a small moment in their time, we can help someone catch a breathe of some fresh air during one of their breaths. Sometimes a boost from someone can help us reconnect to the best parts of ourselves.

If we doubt this, we need only consider all the people that have prayed for us, given us a kind word or kind thought, been patient with us instead of impatient, caught themselves from blurting out a criticism or judgement to us, or thanked us for something.  Were you aware this was happening?  Their numbers are more than we ever could imagine. We are where we are, because others have helped to boost us to this level – those others whom we don’t know about and without whom we would not be here.

God Bless You.


3 thoughts on “A Boost for the Soul

  1. Good call on the election. I do remember your prediction a while back that Hillary Clinton would not win and you saw a white man winning. This has been a very interesting year, indeed.


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