The Hidden, Yet Absolute Need for Humility

Our lessons come in many ways. In fact, there is no end to when something will come into our life from which we can learn – including for psychics.

I’ve been Clairvoyant for many lifetimes. I’ve worked at this ability each opportunity it comes. Yet, the learning continues even past today.

One of the lessons I learn is humility. For me, this lesson comes via learning that what I have to say and write is not for everyone. In fact, there are many people with whom nothing I have to say is for them. This is a very difficult lesson because I know that there are words of wisdom and help that will help heal every soul. The lesson is that it is not I that can give these words to them. In fact, for some, anything and everything that would come from me would be rejected even if it were exactly what would be needed. It would be, and is, rejected for the very reason that it comes from me.

This is the humility which I am to learn – that I am not the person able to help them. I am not the person that will give them light or learning or any words or concepts which will be the key that will unlock their chains.

This is a lesson that so many of us must learn – that we are not the person that will unlock the suffering for many others. Even Christ learned this lesson of humility – that even though He knew He could help, He also knew that some people rejected and would reject everything that He would give.

When He said, “Do not throw your pearls before swine”, He didn’t see people as swine – as “less than” any other soul. He saw the consciousness of the person as being someone who would no more hear, see or understand His words in a similar way that a farm animal could – a farm animal whose main focus is to eat and have babies. A farm animal is not open to understand the words of Christ. (For the record, even farm animals respond to kindness, to love, to patience, to compassion and to mercy.)

Human beings are not farm animals. They have the choice to have an open mind and open heart – open to all the Christ has to teach. All human beings also have the choice of having a closed mind and a closed heart. As you and I are, so are all other souls. We have the potential for making any and all choices.

There is a saying, “Don’t try to teach mathematics to a turtle. It will annoy both you and the turtle.” It is a lesson in humility, to recognize when we are not able to help. Perhaps all we can offer some souls is to pray that God be with them or bless them in whatever way they need. God alone has Infinite Insight into what will help another and how best to bless them.


One of the best mantras to help with learning humility:

“It’s not about me.” K.G.

4 thoughts on “The Hidden, Yet Absolute Need for Humility

  1. Hello Jodie, What your emails contain is your lengthy advices and marketing. I haven’t seen any prediction even you call yourself a psychic.

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    • Predictions don’t save us from what happens in life. But, seeking wisdom and insight are two of the tools that can help us prepare. Developing compassion and kindness help build a foundation within one’s heart and mind that withstands onslaught from adversity. Practicing patience and working at understanding helps in ways that we won’t realize until after we try it. Following the Father’s guidance to forgive and show mercy – this helps create the strongest of foundations so that we can stand against storms of all kinds.

      I offer predictions to help people to prepare externally in the world. I offer my articles to help people to prepare internally in the world. Many people are crying for help, in suffering and pain, in many different ways. Predictions alone are like feeding the skin but letting the rest of the body starve.

      May God be with you.


      • Jodie, great response! I like how you are teaching people to take fate into their own hands by practicing compassion and accumulating good karma by cultivating virtue. A diagnosis must be paired with effective treatment.


        I strongly recommend you read the Ming dynasty era Sagely book: Liao Fan’s Four Lessons, written by Ming dynasty scholar Yuan Liao Fan. It is a excellent book that teaches people how to change their destiny and fate.

        Yuan Liao Fan had his fortune told by a spiritually advanced person named Mr. Kong who predicted exactly the different years he would pass various imperial examinations, that he would die at age 53 on August 14th at around the hours of 1- 3AM (the Chinese large hour of the Ox), that he would be without a male heir and hold a local magistracy for only three and a half years before being forced to retire by ill health.

        Naturally, Liao Fan was skeptical at first but when the predictions kept coming true, he became apathetic and without direction.

        However, later, he managed to encounter a Zen Buddhist Master who enlightened him to the fact that future destiny is just karma and that karma could be changed by accumulating merit and refraining from vice.

        Thus, Liao Fan henceforth did all that which is good and avoided all evils, sure enough, his fortune soon changed considerably for the better (i.e. he got a male heir, a better civil service career, and had his lifespan extended by several decades).

        Link to online version of book:

        Name Amitabha,



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