Either Hatred or Brotherhood in the World

Our generation in life is in the unique position of seeing many examples of humanity’s expressing hatred. Several generations before us witnessed slavery. The immediate generation before us witnessed the Holocaust in Europe. And today’s generation witnesses terrorism in the world.

In each of these examples, someone can easily say that religion or a particular religion is at the center of these horrors or has brought them about. But this belief is equal to saying that the world is black and white. The world is not black and white.

When slavery existed, Christianity and the Bible were used by many to justify slavery. When Hitler came to power, he said the problem with Germany, Europe and the world was with the Jews. And today, people say the cause of problems is with Islam.

But, hatred and the spreading of that hatred was at the heart of these acts of horror inflicted upon human beings. Religion was an easy target to blame, an easy cloak to hide behind, and an easy tool to usurp to justify and rationalize hatred and the spreading of this hatred.

People who have always used religion in these ways, seek to demonstrate and bring forth their hatred to incite more hatred, so that hatred will grow in the world. As human beings we have the choice of whether we will create hatred inside our hearts and minds first and foremost. After it exists in the heart is when we, as individuals, look for what will justify and rationalize it. Those that choose to hate, then, will join together with others that choose to hate.

The world is not black and white. It is also the billions of colors in between black and white. Christianity did not create slavery, but the tenets of Christianity were manipulated by many to justify the agenda of slavery. The Jewish race was not the problem in Germany, Europe or the world. But, beliefs about the Jewish people were manipulated by many to justify their agenda. Islam is not a religion of hatred, but those that hate have manipulated its tenets – as other religions have been manipulated – to serve and spread the agenda of hatred – calling to others who also hate to join in hatred.

Bringing more hate into the world, by choosing to hate any group will not heal the world of hatred. Changing what is in our own hearts and minds will – because brotherhood, compassion and recognizing Oneness of Life can also spread from person to person in the same way that hatred might. It will always depend on what we – as individuals – choose to bring forth into the world each day we’re here.


“God will never take away our freewill to choose our own path through life, even if it’s a horrible path.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“God is not going to hate the people we hate and be bitter towards the people we’re bitter towards.  If we choose hatred and bitterness, we do so without God being with us.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“For others, pray not against others’ freewill, against others’ right to choose for their own lives. Instead, pray that God’s presence, love, and energy, be with them, surround them and bless them, more and more every day, so they might draw from God when the time comes that they decide their own life.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

6 thoughts on “Either Hatred or Brotherhood in the World

  1. This is but a test , the only way that fear or hate or dark negativity , can be eliminated is thru the expansion of love , the light , without judgment or finger pointing , peace and harmony cannot be obtained by responding in the old ways, battles ,war, has not worked , yes there were cease fires, yet , this is not something that brings peace or harmony , nor does it serve humanity for its highest divine good , only love and understanding our connection to eveyrhting and everyone , and realizing that is the fiber that is interwoven , as part of the universal creation and our conenction , the separtiaon of blaming and anger , revenge , cannot wipe out the dark , it in facet expands the fear based , judgemental actions , peace and harmony can prevail , love can prevail , yet humans must realize they are part of the problem with their actions and behaviors , buying into the fear , the hate the anger ,the revenge the war , once , they wake up and understand , that everything is a self refleciton , a mirror effect so the dark is us , the love is us , we are everyting , we are capable of shifting to be the love , yet our thoughts ,words,acitons and behaviors must be aligned with this facet of us ,


  2. Thank you, Jodie, for your timely words of compassion. I feel that this is a good time to link again to Master Chin Kung’s encouraging words on interfaith harmony (English subtitles):

    Also, here is the link to his Live streaming English Language Dharma lecture channel for those who are interested (a lot of the material is about multi-faith harmony):


    Namo Amitabha,



  3. The Sun will shine again ….and there will be love and happiness on streets of Paris ….again. Edith Piaf said: “I don´t regret nothing!”. These are not fear times for good old Europe. These are strong times ….maybee strongest ever. Shine on Sun.


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