Questions from Commenters

“Do you see any connection with the New Madrid fault and the 2nd event coming in Aug/Sept 2015?”K.J.

I don’t see a connection and I think the Madrid fault will become only slightly active, but not dangerous.

“I listened to your most recent presentation! It was truly amazing. I do have a few questions. What is the God Spirit being brought forth? What did you mean by the end of age is 2038?” C.

The God Spirit is the Living Consciousness of the Spirit of Kindness, Brotherhood, Love, Mercy, Oneness, Compassion, Patience, and so forth.  2038 is the year given in the Great Pyramid in which this age of Mankind will finish.  The Great Pyramid indicates aspects of this age from 10,500 BC to 2038.

“What do you mean about “signals” appear before the big event? And if the event will happen at day or night? ”  C.

The signs I see are smaller earthquakes, plus other scientifically measured indicators of earth activity happening in this area we’re describing.  Still happening in the 2nd half of June, and an event in the middle of July.

“Do you see the coast of Mexico near Cancun being affected by the big event?” T. M.

Not in any dangerous way.  The affect is minor.  Safeguards should be in place, but I don’t see any major danger.


“If we do not seek, we will not find.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

4 thoughts on “Questions from Commenters

  1. 2038? That´s in front of the doorway. Will be real quick. But still enough time to do something good in my life. My parents won´t be around then anymore … probably. For my father would (will) be 99 an my mom five years less. So I´ll show them much graditude and love while they are still around, although nothing is impossible. Thanks for the comments above. Love.


    • It sounds like you may be confusing the “end of an age” with the end of the world. There is a big difference. First, I’ve never and will never predict the end of the Earth for humans. It’s not in the cards for the Earth or humanity.
      The end of an age has to do with the placement of the Earth, the Solar System and the Galaxy. It also has to do with an epoch of mankind’s historical presence in time.
      So, this end of an age in 2038, while significant in many ways, is also a moment in passing time. You will see many significant events around the time, but no one event will scream out “End of an Age”. It is to mankind’s historical presence as turning 18 years old is to a human being. In turning 18, except for the legal ramifications, it’s just another day in a series of days. However, turning 18 for a human is very significant to the function and place of life, because so many important factors rely on that particular numerical age.


  2. I see. Thank You for more details on the subject. I was thinking of ending for this civilization ruther then end of the world. Gues will not happen so soon.


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