Forgiveness and Mercy

When we extend forgiveness and mercy, the person receiving it is changed. Maybe this change is not in a way that we immediately notice, but the act of forgiveness and mercy cannot happen without our cooperating with the presence of God.

This presence of God touching another person in the form of forgiveness and mercy or any other fruit of the spirit, has an effect. Again, this effect isn’t necessarily something we’re going to consciously witness.  (While on Earth, it helps to let go of the need to witness our own efforts on behalf of another take root in that person.)

Need proof? We can take a look at our own life, and our own past lives. Who has extended forgiveness and mercy to us? When have we been touched by another’s bringing forth their connection to Infinite Forgiveness for our sake?  We can take a look at where we are in our spiritual path and our inner healing. We also have been forgiven and shown mercy – by One and/or by many. This has made an impact on our self, as well. We are the proof that being forgiven and being shown mercy have an effect on the soul receiving this forgiveness and mercy. We are where we are today because of forgiveness and mercy helping us to where we are. We are healing inwardly, because we have received forgiveness and been shown mercy.

Why is this all true? Because forgiveness and mercy are aspects of Love. All souls are affected by love. All life is affected by love.  Not in our own time requirements, but in God’s.  It may not be immediately noticeable to us how others are affected – the others which we haven’t yet forgiven or shown mercy to, but the source of Love and the receiver of Love notice it on their soul level.

When we’re deep in darkness, a small touch of forgiveness and mercy becomes a big thing. A seemingly small amount of kindness and light, shine out like beacons, when we’re steeped in the darkness we once created and chose. The touch of the hand of forgiveness and mercy becomes like a drink of clear water, when all we had before was sludge, (because all we gave to others was sludge.)

When we extend forgiveness and mercy, the one we extend it towards, in some way is helped, in some portion is healed, in some part is changed.

Imagine a world where everyone went around forgiving and giving mercy to everyone else. There would be a greater presence of Infinite Forgiveness and Infinite Mercy in the world. Everyone would be touched by the healing hand of Infinite Love.  As individuals, we can start creating this world, by forgiving and showing mercy to those who need forgiveness and mercy in our lives – those who desperately thirst for that clear glass of healing Infinite Water called Infinite Love.


“Imagine a world where everyone went around forgiving everyone else.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“To successfully forgive, we must let go of the benefits we believe we get from NOT forgiving.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Has anyone ever wondered who has forgiven us so much that God is now so much in our life?” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2005-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness and Mercy

  1. I listened to your most recent presentation! It was truly amazing. I do have a few questions. What is the God Spirit being brought forth? What did you mean by the end of age is 2038?

    Thank you!:)


    • The God Spirit is the vibration of God Consciousness. This is a “tuning into” and connecting with the higher vibration of Higher Consciousness/Love. This “tuning into” is a conscious recognition, activating, and living from the Spirit of God living within each soul.
      The end of this age being 2038 means this is a time period which will have as it’s trait, many transformative processes happening. In the same way that turning 18 years old is an end of an age for an individual, mankind has it’s end of an age, also. Looking back at different end of ages, we can see where “around that time” changes took place that shifted humanity into a different paradigm in the world. The invention of autos, the use of electricity, technology, – each of these can be said to have brought about an end of one age and the beginning of another.


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