Darkness and Light

Darkness was always there ….and will be in the future ….Yesterday Hitler and Stalin, today ISIS. There are always two polarities needed to make whole. Night and day, plus and minus, yin and yang and so on ….The darkness is needed so we can see there is light out there. If there would be no darkness (no negativity) we will not be able even to see (be aware) that there is light out there. Hitler an ISIS …they are needed to give us opportunity to be aware of opposite: light, sun, love peace, kindness, help ect. With such “negative groups” as they are, world is changing faster for the better (towards the new better world). If there was no Hitler who would even bother to make any important change in the world. There would be no moving forward. But: standstill is not god for the world. Everything in our Universe is based on the movement.

So see: every war had a deeper purpose for the world then it seems: after each war in the past necessary changes has been quicker and much bigger then would be if there was non. Wars push mankind forward when it needed so. So this way negativity gets its purpose. Love.  Z

This is a common view of “Light and Darkness”, but if one were to follow further down the line of this belief they’d find a view that negates free will.  I’ll explain.  Let’s look at the “Light and Darkness” from another direction – the point of view of light and darkness being vibration levels on a spectrum of consciousness instead of names assigned to specific unchangeable states.

Darkness isn’t a substance of itself.  Instead, we name the states of lower vibration “darkness.”  We name the states of higher vibration, “Light”.  Both of these and everywhere in between and outside of these chosen positions are levels on a spectrum of vibration.

In our universe and beyond all known universal existence, all is vibration – everything. “Darkness” and “Light” are labels of two characteristics/levels of vibration.  We’ve given different states of vibration names in order to help us convey the concepts that we talk about.  This highest vibration level we call ‘light’.  Acts, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are further from this highest vibration – from this ‘light’ – are lower vibrations and we call these lower vibrations “dark”.

God Consciousness which is the Consciousness of Infinite Oneness, Infinite Awareness, Infinite and Pure Love, Infinite and Pure Patience, Forgiveness, Understanding, Mercy, Kindness, etc. is the highest vibration.

In the same way that you and I as spiritual/human beings have consciousness and in the same way that all living things have consciousness at some level, this Highest Vibration has consciousness, and the Consciousness is the vibration level of Infinite Existence. This (also named) Infinite Love is the vibration of the Oneness of all Life.  These are not just concepts to bounce around philosophically, but the substance of existence.  (Love isn’t just a feeling, it is the vibration of the highest existence, but that’s for another article.)

But, these concepts of the Infinite are hard to understand for us, because as humans, we have not been able to completely understand Infinite anything.  We can have subjective experiences which last a moment in time, and possibly give us a glimpse of that which is way beyond our self concepts.  Yet, when we try and convey that to others who have no equal frame of reference, it becomes all but impossible for us humans to convey, especially using physical, 3-dimensional examples.

So we use the terms to try to convey different aspects of, yes – freewill choices which we make.  This is what we’re describing here – freewill choices which we make and which we make manifest – manifesting physically at a certain vibrational spectrum.  And I’ll add that all the terms and languages which we use fall short in conveying God Consciousness/Love Consciousness/Infinite Consciousness/Infinite Vibration/Love Vibration/God Vibration.  See?

What we term “darkness” is the freewill manifestation of our efforts to act separate from God and manifesting at a certain level of vibration.  There is no true separation from the vibration that is God, but there is a perception of separation via the act of freewill choosing to manifest lower vibration states of mind/heart – that being hatred, selfishness, bitterness, violence, vengeance, etc. etc.

If it’s still not that understandable without some study, don’t worry about it.  We have Infinite Eternity to come to study, learn and understand the All of Infinite Existence.

On a related note: the question isn’t really whether darkness and light are real unto themselves, the question becomes which of our own freewill actions do we choose to manifest – the actions of “darkness” or rather lower vibrations, also called “Separation from God”, or do we choose of our own freewill to manifest higher vibrational actions – called “Light” of “Oneness with God”- these being kindness, patience, understanding, unselfishness.

If we choose of our own freewill, to bring forth actions of lower vibrations – actions far from Love of any kind – actions which express hatred, selfishness, self-centeredness, bitterness, vengeance or separation and the like, we are perceiving that we can and therefore, are “pushing ourselves” as far away from the Love vibration that we can.  In effect, we are lowering our vibration – which we call “choosing darkness”.

So, to say we “HAVE TO HAVE” darkness is like saying, of our own freewill, we HAVE to choose lower vibration actions and behavior.  In turn, it is a contradiction of freewill to say some of us have no freewill with regards to choosing to manifest lower or higher vibration actions.

And yet there is more.  In the process of deciding what we choose of our own freewill to manifest in the world, higher vibrations or lower vibrations, we are creating an experience of a certain level of vibration for others and ourselves.  This is a true act of creation coming from our own aspect of God Consciousness that is us individually.  However, it comes forth filtered through all our thoughts, feelings, motivations, ideas, beliefs, actions, past, present, future, subconscious, superconscious, etc, and manifests as an experience of a certain vibratory level, not just for others to experience, but for ourselves to experience eventually, as well.  In essence, we create our own experiences.  In addition, because we are part and parcel of the God Consciousness, when we act separately from God Consciousness, we are acting separately from ourselves – which in turn causes all sorts of internal problems which manifest as illnesses and worse.  (A topic for another article.)

So, you see, “darkness” is not a thing or something that must be chosen by someone to fulfill, but rather a vibrational manifestation from the illusion of separation via the attempt to separate (via our perceptions) from the Highest vibration of God Consciousness – also called Infinite Light.


I can try to explain it in another way.  For example, with God Consciousness being Infinite and therefore Infinite Light, nothing exists that is not God Consciousness/Infinite Light.  But, of our own freewill, we choose the illusion of separation from the Infinite.  And therefore we can choose to perceive “a separation” of sorts that contributes to the experiences of darkness.  But at no time do we separate from Infinite Vibration.  And if we’ve studied the definition of Infinite, then by the very definition of Infinite, nothing outside the Infinite exists separate from the Infinite.  All is a part of the Infinite, including the freewill choice to perceive “darkness” as a thing.

So, All is awaiting us on this journey to Infinite Understanding which we’ll accomplish in Infinite Time, also called Eternity.

PS.  And then there is the role “Judgement” has in all this.

I’m ready for questions.


“There is good in the worst of us, and bad in the best of us.” The Edgar Cayce Readings.

“Problems arise when we think our perspective and understanding of anything in life is completed.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1997-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

4 thoughts on “Darkness and Light

  1. Yes, I see now the deeper meaning on subject. How true, must say. IT IS important for us to bring our consciousness to higher level for the better world in the future. Many thanks. I like this point of view described above very much. Love.


  2. Its easy to be kind, unselfish, patience.understanding but I find it difficult not to feel anger towards those that cause so much pain and suffering to others. I have it tough but I know others are in far far dire straits and its a block of getting to that complete higher consciousness. What upsets me most is how so many now have the darkness in them and they don’t care, I keep wondering if karma will catch up with them as they seem to sail through life with plenty of money and no conscience throughout their lives till they die. Surely in some way karma has to catch up with them where they get a chance to look at life from our angle and for them to aim for the higher consciousness. I have become far, far more sensitive to many people’s sufferings around the world to the extent its painful because I feel so helpless. We sign petitions and that can help but very little else. We donate yet time and again we hear of charity organisations paying their top executives big wages and not all the money collected actually goes to the charities. Do most of almost at the higher consciousness feel such a sense of despair each day when we read over the internet of so much suffering. I hate the thought that people that thrive in the darkness like ISIS, Netanyahu and nothing much seems to be done especially with the latter. Its hard trying to make sense of a lot of things…with the Holocaust we should never forget and there are memorial services around the world to remember the horrendous brutality and to never forget what happened. We look at Israel which is becoming in my opinion more and more arrogant and the mass murder of the people in Gaza…its so hypocritical of Netanyahu to make sure the world never forgets Hitler’s mass murder whilst completely ignoring that he too is a mass murderer and its his actions that the Jews around the world are being targeted. So much Jodie in this world that sometimes its hard to live in it because I want for those that cause so much cruelty to pay the price and I feel I’ll never get to that highest of consciousness because I find it hard to forgive these people.


    • You mentioned Karma. Many have difficulty comprehending the involvement of Karma, because they think of it as independent of humans and an action which comes from law as a source. We all know that human laws are not absolute, and so we wonder about Karma.

      Well, I suggest you look at Karma from a different perspective. I suggest Karma is an act of creation made by the person who is “creating” an experience for others to go through. In sending out this creation, the ripple goes out to all existence, and eventually (or quickly) this ripple returns back and we get to experience the very same experience which we created for others to experience. If you’d like to know if Karma reaches those who create Karma, then we only need look at our own lives to see the Karma we created for others to experience and which has returned for we ourselves to experience, as well.

      Don’t look at a single life as the source and receiver of the creation experience. Many times the right circumstances for it to be fulfilled completely aren’t happening all in one lifetime. Hence, we return to human form, to learn to create greater and better experiences for those in our lives, and in that process, we also then sometimes come in line with the return of the ripple of experience which we sent out to others long ago.

      Karma isn’t an independent law or action. It is the very same action which we ourselves created and sent out to the universe to experience. Since we are a part of the universe, we eventually get to experience what we created for others. See?

      As you and I face our “Karma”, they will too. But, the challenge for you and I is to change our self away from that self which created harmful karma. If we’re focusing on others’ crap, then we’re not necessarily working on our own. And believe it, you and I, and all of us, have much to clean up from our own past before we’re clean, and then legitimately qualified to throw stones at others.


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