If you’d like to help….

If you believe you’ve been helped by this effort, or you’d like to support the  work financially that goes into providing this information,  I’ve posted a donation button on the ride side of this webpage.  Your support is helpful and appreciated.  There are only a few famous psychics that have a livelihood doing this work.  I’m not one of them.  The rest of us work at this without making a living at it.  And finally, if you absolutely don’t feel called or don’t want to provide financial support, I ask for prayer support, but not just for me, – for all the life on this planet and those beyond it that are trying to help us.

Thank you.  Jodie

2 thoughts on “If you’d like to help….

  1. I will pray for all beings on our mother Earth. The Earth is not just another stone in The Universe. It lives. It has its breath. It has its energetic frequency. Earth feels just like trees, butterflies and humans do. God bless our beautiful Earth.


  2. I am from the Philippines and there’s no option for Philippines in the card section in the donations. I do not have PayPal :( I will pray for you until such time when I’ve created a PayPal account. Thank you for everything that you have shared.


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