A Christian Nation?

There are many against the U.S. helping other nations that don’t support us or help us back.  But, the spirit of this country and hence the issue that affects this position has never been “what can other countries do for us?  Or who supports us?  Or what will other countries give us?”  Imagine if Christ came into this world saying, “What will you give me if I help you?  How will you support me if I heal you?  What will you do for me to make me number 1 if I preach to you?”  He only asked “How can I best serve all of you”, saying “He who would be first, must serve all the rest. John 9:35”

A nation with many professing it to be a Christian nation is not Christian based on what the people say it is.  A nation or a group or a church or a person is a particular religion based only on how they apply those beliefs in their life.   What if someone professed a religion but never applied any of the beliefs in their life?  Would they really be that religion?

The nations of the world do not develop by blindly following the big man on campus – the U.S.  They develop by learning to be true to themselves.  If we are going to be true to ourselves – true to what is in our own hearts and minds as Americans, and choose a path that is unpopular with other nations, and sometimes that may mean going to war, then we must acknowledge that that is what we are teaching to other nations – to be true to themselves- to what is in their own hearts and minds.  And sometimes this means disagreeing with the big man on campus and choosing a path that is unpopular with the BMOC.

For any that profess the U.S. to be a Christian nation, is it only for show and tell?  Or will we as individuals and groups apply, and therefore live the particular religious principles when within our Earth’s community of nations?  And looking at it from that point of view, don’t these principles also include acknowledging and accepting diversity and differences of opinion?

PS.  Can a nation as a whole demonstrate one “religion” based on its governmental policy and actions towards its citizens and others of the world, and have its citizens demonstrate a different religion based on each of their actions towards each other and others of the world?  Is our religion only based on the words we speak proclaiming it, or is our religion based on the actions we live out?

2 thoughts on “A Christian Nation?

  1. Some say we are, some say we are not. To each their own. But, in the end, whether we are or whether we’re not, isn’t the real defining factor of who we are as a country. How we live, act, and relate to ourselves and to other peoples is our defining factor. This is and always will be what determines what kind of country we are. If we believe higher principles, then how do we go about applying higher principles in and to our life from day to day.


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