Filling a Need in 590 Words or Less

We talk of having needs.  We need from our parents.  We need from each other.  We need from God.  We need from ourselves.  But, why do we need?

We need, because we are evolving.  As every parent of a teenage boy knows, there is a great need for food, because more growth is occurring.  For evolution to be fulfilled, more must come.  There must be a need and then that need must be fulfilled.  We cannot evolve ourselves for the simple reason that we only have that which we have in that moment.  So, for evolution to occur, we must open up to more that can come.  We cannot evolve from only the finite source that is our current mind, state or paradigm.

When I’m talking about evolution, I’m also talking about creation for we cannot have one without the other.  They are the same thing.  But, I’m not talking just about physical creation.  I am also talking about spiritual creation in many levels of understanding, mental creation in many ideas, thoughts and beliefs, emotional creation through our feeling more than we have before, relationship creation through expanding our relationships into arenas where they haven’t gone before, and also physical creation in the remaking of our physical bodies and our physical world – of which we do constantly on many levels.

On our spiritual path, we are in constant need.  We are needing what God is offering – food for the soul, food for the mind, and food for the body.  Each of these is a need because growth is occurring.  Creation is happening and so we need – we need the raw materials of which creation happens.  We need God Consciousness.

We are gods in the making as many people say.  We (with God’s help) are creating ourselves and our paradigm anew with the food God gives us on all the planes – the “food” being God.  And in this making, we are needing that with which we use to create.  In the infinite realm of the Almighty, there is infinite possibility for creation.  Remember, the infinite creativity of God can create infinitely.  With God being within us, even as us, reaching outward and inward in infinite directions, we have within us the potential for infinite creation.  And as we evolve, we then have for ever more greater and greater potential.  See?

In fact, when we recognize that we need, it is because we are trying to make creation happen.  Sometimes, the need can be harmful with the creation being harmful, and sometimes the need can be healthy with the creation being healthy.  But, always a need comes from an effort to create anew – good or bad.  As “finite” beings living in this 3-dimensional world, we are all creating – both good and bad – and from this creating, we realize that we need, in order to continue to create.  Pity the person who has no needs, because they have stopped creating.

PS.  If it helps to understand this more, we cannot evolve without needing.  It is the act of and recognition of needing, that sends the message to God that we are ready to create, grow or evolve in some manner, and then for that need to be fulfilled.  We cannot grow, evolve, or create anew without the process of needing – which includes the act of opening up to that which is beyond what we had held to before.

And then there’s the issue of freewill being involved with needing and creating….

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