Heat in Texas, water – June 2008

Mid June 2008:  Again, I’m not seeing any relief in sight for Texas for July and August of 2008.  It is going to be dry and hot.  No rain of any significance is going to come.  There will be a few spots in Texas that will get a little.  The northern area of the state will have the best chance – the panhandle and near Oklahoma.  The Gulf Coast will be windy, but not any helpful amount of rain during these two months.  Central and South Texas will be nothing but hot and dry.  The temperatures will regularly be 90-109.

The crops will suffer greatly.  Farmers will be devastated in some areas of Texas and will need help.  Emergency measures will need to be put in place for many farmers in Texas.   Texas’ water levels will not recover from this for many years to come.  There will be some recovery from this water shortage beginning in the late summer of 2010 and will get better leading up to 2013, but will never recover completely.  This will be what contributes to the water crisis in Texas that the elected officials will have to face in the mid 2010’s on. 

My recommendation: people need to start working on gardening, rain collection systems, and self-sustainability.  Individual efforts will help because the price of water is going to go up, the prices of vegetables are going to go up, and the costs of living are going to go up.  Not just because of gas prices going up, still more, but because of the heat and water problems.  It will almost be very much like the dust bowls of the 1930’s except for the locations.  We won’t reach the level of problems as they did in the Great Depression, but it will come close.

If anyone would like me to address other states, just let me know.

In the Bible, Joseph interpreted a dream for the pharoah, of 7 fat years preceding 7 lean years.  The pharoah took steps to prepare and helped many people through those 7 lean years.  My predicting this will not bring it about.  It is already set in place to happen.  It’s time to prepare and pray.

3 thoughts on “Heat in Texas, water – June 2008

    • Yes. Starting now until the end of 2011, I see nothing out of the ordinary. There will be an early winter – October and it will come hard. November will ease up a little, and seem like it’s back to the “normal” weather. It won’t last. By the 2nd week of December, the hard cold will return. January will seem as “normal” again, with February being mild compared to January. The winter of 2011-2012 will be a hard winter in general and will last until near the end of March – weatherwise. You’ll be wearing your coat through the end of April but the precipitation will not be as much as the previous months had been. You’ll finally have warm weather near the 3rd week of May.
      Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary – weatherwise.
      In the spring of 2012, Pennsylvania will struggle with employment issues. You don’t need to be psychic to see this. The employment struggles now will become more visible and louder when the temperatures allow people to come back outside – March. The winter weather will keep people focused on “getting through the winter”. After going through the weather, the issues will surface in people’s eyes again.
      Don’t wait for after winter to deal with employment issues. Start as soon as possible.
      General information for a general situation.


  1. And for Central Texas during the summer of 2011: We just got a rain here in central Texas (June 20, 2011). This does NOT herald more rain. As soon as June is over, the chance for rain will be extremely low. I’m seeing July have some clouds, but also temperatures reaching 110 and August going over 110 degrees. This will be two of the hottest months on record. You’ll hear these phrases on tv a lot.

    We got one rain in May, 2011 in Central Texas, and one rain in June. July will be dry and hot. August will be dryer and hotter. September will cool some, but still no significant rainfall. October, I do see some amounts of rain for Central Texas. Some but not a lot, though. November, 2011 will have colder temperatures, of course, but again, not a lot of rain. If it were a normal year, October and November, 2011 would be considered normal, but people are hoping the Autumn months will bring relief from the draught. It won’t replenish, but it will bring some rain… just not what people hope.

    If you believe in prayer, pray for healing of our weather patterns. If you don’t believe that prayer will help, then I suggest not praying and see how much that would help. Meanwhile, the prayers of a few will save many.


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