Electronic Chip

2090-91 will begin the steps the US government will take to require all people to wear a computerized chip within their bodies for identification purposes.  All will be mandated to have it.  The people within the government do not have the most sincerest of intentions and mean for this to be a way of controlling population.  This will last for 40 years until better minds and hearts are in authority and make better decisions.

Pharmaceutical Cos. & the AMA

This most likely will come across as a political statement, but it is what I psychically see happening.

In the 2010’s, around 2014 and by 2018, several Pharmaceutical companies will place their own MD’s on the board of the AMA.  These people will further squew the AMA towards the Pharmaceutical industry’s products and against alternative therapies and medicines.  They will intentionally block healing methods and practices that are proven to be helpful to people.  This happens now, but under the argument that research has not been done.  In the late 2010’s, they will block use of methods that research has proven effective, but that the specific Pharmaceutical Cos. don’t want to be available.  By the 2030’s, this pattern of behavior will be widely revealed and in the 2040’s the AMA will be known to be an unethical organization with an agenda against healing and more towards special interests of the Pharmaceutical companies.  Their reputation will be damaged to the point that it will take about 50 years after that, before the AMA is recognized as an organization worthy of respect, and focused on helping people.