Developing Psychic Ability -1

“I have just been on your site and read about how you later in life became aware of your psychic abilities. ”

“I did not have, as a child growing up, any psychic ability, but I am trying to develop this at the moment in my adult life. I would love to be able to develop it to a point where it will be of benefit to other people, and also make me aware of what life really is, and of course to help myself, and enjoy what the Lord has truely given us.” B.R.

Developing psychically is really a path of going inward, asking oneself questions and then learning how to be honest with ourselves. We have all answers and information within us, but rarely the determination, patience, willingness and acceptance that it takes to learn how to discern the information. Sometimes, we even don’t want to know.

We may see psychic ability as a worthwhile thing to pursue, but there is a price to pay, and that price is that we have to give up prejudice, judgement and condemning of others and ourselves, guilt, blaming, resentment, selfishness and the multitude of other stumbling blocks that are inside of us. This takes years and lifetimes to do, requiring patience and perserverence.

The good thing about this journey is that we need only begin it – we don’t have to end it, before we recognize the awakening of the awareness of that which is beyond the physical awareness.

The challenge then is to “learn the psychic alphabet”, (a metaphor for learning how to “read”) then to practice on ourselves – through the journey of “knowing thyself”.

There is a wonderful book series that came through the psychic, Edgar Cayce, when asked “How can I develop psychic ability?” The book series is called “A Search For God.” It helps a person learn what psychic ability really is, and what the path is that helps to develop spiritually first, and develop psychic ability safely. His own story is documented in the books, “The Sleeping Prophet”, “A Seer out of Season”, “There Is A River”, and “Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet”

There are no shortcuts and God is the guide for developing our psychic ability, because developing our psychic ability is really a development of the awareness of the soul/spirit aspect of ourselves and the soul/spirit realm.

In many ways, we humans have already been aquainted with aspects of psychic ability that we refer to as “hunches”, “women’s intuition”, “precognitive dreaming”, “gut feelings”, and the like. These are the psychic abilities that we think of already as normal for humans, but these can be developed more through learning how to discern that which we already have been sensing all along, but which we have ignored or not recogized.

Finally, the one thing that developing psychic ability doesn’t give us is Love. People don’t love us strictly because we are psychic. We don’t love others because they are, or aren’t. Psychic ability isn’t what brings forth Love into the world. Loving is what brings forth love into the world. Psychic ability comes with it’s own set of challenges and pitfalls. It is not a power, but an ability – an ability which can be used to help God be first, or help our own selfishness be first. These are issues that you must address also, because no person escapes themselves, and no person escapes their own character. When developing psychic ability, our biggest boulder in the path of this development is our self. This is why developing psychic ability is a serious undertaking, and a choice no one but the person themselves can decide. Like many other things that are challenging and sometimes require hard work – when pursued appropriately, it can be one of the most enriching abilities that humanity has available to be developed.

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