Did Jesus have children? – 1

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Did Jesus marry and have children?

First of all, remember, as humans, anybody can say anything about anyone at any time… even about Jesus.  It’s always been this way with the human race, it always will be this way with the human race.

Yet, this isn’t my answer.  Rather, I will answer this way:

It has been hundreds and thousands of years in which religions have been translated and re-translated, argued and then re-argued, debated and re-debated, passed on and kept hidden.  Generations upon generations have passed in which spiritual beliefs have been taught from one person to another.  During this time, there have been and still are gospel truths, half-truths, little white lies, and bald face lies all through the different religions, and spiritual belief systems.   To some extent, this would be expected, because of the diversity that beliefs are applied to each individual’s personal life circumstances and experiences.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.   For argument’s sake, here, this isn’t the main issue.  The issue isn’t whether the man Jesus did or did not have children with Mary Magdalene.  The issue is, and what matters more is – what do we do with our beliefs?  Many will continue to believe he did regardless of any presentation of evidence to the contrary.  Many will continue to believe he did not regardless of any presentation of evidence to the contrary.   Jesus didn’t concern Himself with the differing beliefs of religions, He concerned Himself with our actions towards and relationships with each other.  Jesus’ message was put simply, “Love God above all else and Love your neighbor as yourself.”
The same is true of every issue ever argued within the walls of any religion or spiritual system of beliefs, including the creationism vs. evolution arguments going on everywhere.  Yet, the idea still is practiced by many  that what we believe is somehow more important than how we use our beliefs to act towards those whose beliefs are different.
Can any of us say that we believe exactly like anyone else?  With so many different versions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc, can any of us say that we, and only we, have the truth?  Alright that’s the wrong question to ask because almost every member of every different version of every religion tells themselves that they hold the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and others are lying to themselves in a big way.
Every belief we have comes from our learning from a mixture of sources – parents, teachers, leaders – spiritual and non, friends, books, experiences, thoughts and feelings, television, movies, politicians, and many more sources.  Because of this, everyone is going to draw upon their own life to develop their own unique set of beliefs.  It makes sense that everyone would do this.
God knows this.  That’s why the greatest spiritual teachers don’t say what to believe as much as how to relate to each other from within our chosen set of beliefs.  The greatest spiritual teachers tell about our brotherhood and sisterhood among each other.  The greatest spiritual messages don’t speak about what we think or believe, but rather what we feel in our hearts, then what we do with these feelings.  Because it is in our heart that love resides, and it is in this Love, that God resides within us.
Jesus doesn’t ask so much the details of what we believe, He asks us what are we doing with our beliefs.  Jesus asks us – that which we do believe – how are we using our beliefs to affect how we relate to our fellow man?  He never spoke out against other religions that were prevalent in that time – and there were many.  He told all that listened, that God is the God of all people.  He spoke out against hypocrisy, which is a factor influencing how we relate to each other.  He spoke out against placing oneself above others in God’s eyes, which is another factor influencing how we relate to each other.
Therein is the message that Jesus spoke of – that which is in a person’s heart.  Our beliefs may be what builds religions, but what is in our hearts determines what we do with our beliefs.
Our beliefs bring us to the point of asking – Are we using our beliefs to recognize our unity and oneness with our fellow human beings, or are we using our beliefs to separate and divide?  Are we using our beliefs to love God above all else, and our neighbor as ourselves, or are we using our beliefs to ostracize and push others away if they are different?  Are we using our beliefs to celebrate diversity in peoples or to condemn diversity?  Are we using our beliefs as gavels with which to judge others, or are we using our beliefs to recognize the value of every difference.
We all have our reasons for believing that which we do or don’t believe, and we all make choices pro and con.  Very few logical, mental arguments from others are going to change the beliefs we grow to have.  That is why the greatest spiritual messages speak about what is in the heart – the place where God’s love and our love can and does reside, when we bring that love forth.

This idea shows respect for the path of learning which we’ve each traveled to get where we are, with regards to our beliefs.  And in time, opening our hearts, will help us to open to potential learning from views of our brothers and sisters, even those sometimes different.  This in turn, can lead to finding more to add to our own understanding and to an even greater paradigm than we held in our consciousnesses before.

Do we lift others up or do we knock others down?

Finally,  – Yes, the particular set of beliefs which we hold to is still important, as we see in the world today – many believe that killing others is spiritually good.  Yet, if we looked deeper at the question presented here – “what are we doing with our beliefs?” – we then see that which is in people’s hearts actually fuels people’s actions, and a hate-filled heart uses any belief system, religion, or excuse they can find to serve their already hate-filled agenda.
Those whose hearts are filled with hate, will use any religion, any political persuasion, any reason or excuse to carry out their hatred.  Likewise, those whose hearts are open or carry within them a caring and loving kindness, forgiveness, patience, gentleness, or mercy, in turn, can use any religion and any belief to carry out their caring, their kindness, their mercy, their patience, their recognition of the oneness of all life, the brotherhood of humankind, and peace and goodwill to all mankind.  This is why the greatest spiritual messages are about our what lives inside our hearts, and not the different beliefs residing inside our minds.

I believe that Jesus did not marry and have children.  I believe this because it makes sense to me with my current personal paradigm and falls in line with the life of the Christ Spirit that I’m aware of, coming to show people that God’s love is equal for all and available to all equally.  In the Edgar Cayce readings, the readings say, that “He wanted to be her savior, not her lover.”  Because I believe this, my beliefs could flavor that which I see psychically.  So, what I say here can still be debated.  No logical, mental arguement is going to change someone’s heart, if they don’t want it to be changed.

15 thoughts on “Did Jesus have children? – 1

  1. I’m not trying to present answers that satisfy all the people. That would be 100% impossible, wouldn’t it. Instead, I’m working to present what I see and point out that different perspectives and beliefs are allowed, even on this issue.

    You could have a very different belief system for your life than I have for mine. This is the point of the whole posting. Our own beliefs are just that – our own. Individually and collectively, our beliefs color what we see, think, feel, read, write and experience in our entire life. Many of us have learned this as well. One may believe that what I wrote here is irrelevant with regards to the question of Jesus’ life and children. One may believe that what I wrote is simply rambling. I believe differently.

    Have any of us ever had someone make you feel that your thoughts and opinions weren’t worth hearing? Have any of us ever had someone negate what you feel in your heart sending the message that what you’re feeling is unimportant? We’re all human, so of course. Yet, it’s the opposite that is true. For all of us, our thoughts, opinions and feelings are valid.

    There’s room for each of us in this world – and for each of us to have our own thoughts, our own opinions and feelings, and our own beliefs. In the same vein, I’m holding onto mine as well because I’m claiming room in this world for myself, my own thoughts, my own opinions and feelings and my own beliefs.

    This is what the posting is really about. We can go to war over our opposing beliefs, thoughts or feelings. We can throw insults and criticisms back and forth for a long, long time. This is the world we have today, isn’t it, and with creating even greater suffering than any of us might here. We see the suffering very clearly on the news every night and in lives of people around us.

    Or we can try something better – we can try to tolerate each others beliefs. As weird as it may seem, I consider opposing opinions worthy of examination.

    I attempt to address the deeper issues related to the Jesus question – especially when knowing there are those that believe differently about Jesus. But, I consider my own beliefs to be valid, and so I present them. I add psychic information to these presentations, too. I also believe the psychic information – another aspect of life that is enhanced or detracted by what we believe.

    I have always believed that Jesus did not marry, did not have a sexual relationship with anyone, and did not have children. The Edgar Cayce psychic readings and my own readings have supported this. I placed this statement at the end of the original posting. But, regardless of this information, many people believe Jesus did have a sexual relationship, did marry, and did have children. If what I wrote doesn’t answer anyone’s particular question related to this issue, then feel free to ask questions.

    To me, it is more important to recognize the validity of each individual’s choice of what they believe, than it is to convince someone else that they’re wrong and I’m right about a particular issue. The war of beliefs is still waging across this planet in destructive ways and can grow even more destructive if we choose to add to others suffering and our own. Today, like all through our human history, people are being injured and killed, and have been injured and killed because beliefs are different. The question for all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not, is ‘are we going to add to the hurt, the pain and the suffering of others’ or ‘are we going to try to help change this – both individually and collectively?’ This is what Jesus’ life has really been about. He didn’t try to convert anyone to His religion. He tried to help people change how they relate to one another. Either way, this issue exists in this blog, too, right here, right now, and here is where we choose what to do with our beliefs.


  2. I enjoy very much your site. On the people who claim Jesus had children….they do this as to try and discredit Him. Sex is a sin, it is what happened in Eden that caused the fall of man. If it didn’t matter about sex, then why did our Christ have to be born from a virgin?? He was “without” sin. If Jesus were to have been sexually active, it would mean only one thing, that He was not “without” sin. It is a horrible thing that people perpetuate this blasphemus lie. Once again, thank you for your site. God Bless!!


  3. You may agree with me regarding Jesus not having children, but, I’m not going to agree with you regarding sex. I believe God wouldn’t create something which would force humans to sin in order for the human race to exist- especially when it is the primary method for so many millions of species to exist. Sex is meant to be here in the earth.

    For any of us to judge or condemn anything God has created means that we are judging the Creator. And in turn, somewhere inside us we know that these two perspectives and actions conflict. What it points out more is that we are in the middle of a struggle with something greater than what we currently believe. Or you could think of it as if we are struggling with an angel. I would venture that some part of you deep inside may believe that sex holds within it’s parameters something more important than just “fun and games” as you perceive in the world. I would also venture that the attitude that you shared with us has it’s roots in deeper suffering that you’ve gone through within your own self, as well as the possibility of suffering that others may have experienced from you. (Many times we’ve forgotten both the suffering we’ve experienced and the suffering we’ve caused.) We don’t condemn something, unless we’ve seen, experienced or caused suffering and want to find a way to no longer contribute or experience this suffering. Condemning and judging is a “distancing” mechanism.

    There are many times our own soul cries out from the suffering that can lead us to react and condemn some aspect of humanity in order to get away from the very same suffering. Suffering opens a door for us to go in one of two directions – either condemn the circumstance or situation which the suffering comes from (including condemning what is inside our self), or go the other way and use suffering to help us to wake up to what we may be doing that needs to change. It’s always been easy to condemn and judge. But, it takes much effort to open up, to learn from the suffering, and to let go of the condemning.

    My suggestion is as the Bible says, “Do not lean on your own understanding.” (I don’t know the exact location in the Bible.) I believe this is also meant to include the subject of “Sex.”

    The sin, if you want to come from this perspective, is the impatience, judgment and condemning of others. The fall in Eden was something more than just an apple and something way more than sex. It had little to do with sexual activity. It had much to do with the beginning of the opening of an awareness of our relation to our Creator as well as the opening of the chakras done too quickly. Another perspective is that Adam’s fall was due to his desire and impatience to open his chakras which would lead to the awareness of the Spiritual Self, – this would include the very first chakra- considered the physical/sexual chakra. Adam’s impatience in this process led to creating all kinds of problems – including “judgment”also known as “the knowledge of good and evil”. The promise of that waiting within the chakras was great indeed – the full realization of the spiritualized human – something not embodied or demonstrated until the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.

    Do you consider yourself to be a patient person? Or do you feel that sometimes you can be like the rest of us and be impatient with others? Or many times? Or many, many times?

    Even if it means now being condemned by you, I’m sorry, but I am not of a belief that God created anything inherently sinful. The Bible says, “Like begets like.” And I believe this pertains to God as well. The “Infinite Good” can only create “Infinite Good”. You will never read anything here that condemns sex or male/female relationships. However, you will read things here that point out the damage and suffering that impatience with our self and others and condemning others brings.

    Remember what Jesus said, “God seeks mercy, not sacrifice.” We don’t have to sacrifice being a human being. We are called to give mercy – even for those aspects of life that have elicited our condemning and judgment.

    This is an issue that every human must address at some point within their own mind, heart and soul. This is because either we judge what we don’t understand and have not sought even more wisdom about, or we let go of the judgment and condemning and let God guide us onto the path to the truth of what He yet is waiting to teach us when our mind and heart become open.

    You might judge sex and it’s creator, God for creating sex, but I’m not going to believe that way. Do any of us hold in our mind the full understanding of sex (or anything) which God holds in His mind? No. We’re not even close, and so to follow what Joseph inferred to his brothers who sold him into Egypt, I don’t believe we can take God’s place in being the judge.


  4. You have forgotten the obvious. The Bible claims Jesus fulfilled all the laws. The very first law given was: be fruitful and multiply. Sex is not a sin; it is a direct FIRST commandment. If Jesus did fulfill ALL the laws, he HAD TO have at least one child – which he did: a girl.


  5. P.S. The first sin was not sex. Eve was raped after they left the garden. The first ‘sin’ was Man making a decision for himself – he decided to eat something. In doing so, he did not look outwardly toward a god for all answers. He looked inwardly, toward himself, for the final decision. One can not face inward and outward at the same time. By created the word ‘I’ aka ‘I decided to eat’, by looking to self for final decisions, Man is ‘turned away’ from god and relying on mortal decisions. In creating the words ‘I decided’, Man became ‘like God’ (aka making final decisions) and ‘learned good and evil’ (learned to distinguish good decisions from bad ones). Man’s ‘sins’ was not sex. The sin was: turning to self instead of turning to God.


  6. It sounds like you’re saying that since you don’t see your understanding of the Bible expressed here in these writings, that you therefore believe that anyone associated with these writings hasn’t read the Bible. Is this a correct understanding of your comment?

    Are you also believing that how you understand the Bible is how everyone would understand the Bible? You’re not saying this, but are you assuming this?

    It is my belief that no one can have a relationship with God, through someone else’s beliefs, through someone else’s interpretations, through someone else’s mind, through someone else’s heart, and through someone else’s life. We can only have a relationship with God, within our own self – in our own heart, in our own mind and through our own listening within to the still small voice that speaks when we are quiet and says to us, “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:1

    Yes, I have read and studied the Bible and found it to be full of wisdom, teaching, love, guidance, beauty, wonder, grace, gratitude, kindness, trust, patience, service, humor, mercy, tenderness, support and all the other wonderful qualities which I believe God and Christ bestow towards us. Isn’t it wonderful how this can be so? Isn’t it amazing what God can do?

    Edgar Cayce read the Bible completely all the way through 64 times – once for every year of his life. It’s a fact.

    We can’t assume we know what is missing in someone else’s mind, beliefs, heart, or life, just because their mind, beliefs, heart, or life don’t look like our own. Remember, all the 12 apostles were very different people and had very different personalities, qualities, beliefs and different understandings sometimes of what was said to them. But, they all learned from Christ and in learning, all grew from who they once were to whom Christ knew they could individually become. Even the 4 Gospels reflect the differences in the followers of Christ. The differences we all have will always be deeper than can be seen by each other.

    Christ teaches us all from the point at which we all uniquely begin, to grow to where we all individually can grow. We are all different for God’s glory – that Glory being the demonstration of the diversity within God and the infinite capacity within God to teach us all individually. Who among us thinks God can’t do that? Isn’t it amazing what God can do?

    We don’t have to stop being ourselves in order to learn from Christ. We all come to understand differently because God’s infinite consciousness holds more than just one way of teaching, thinking and believing. I believe it’s true what is said in Islam – all roads can lead to Mecca. To me this means, that “all ways of believing in God, can lead to God,” but I would add, “if the direction we are choosing is to go to the One God.”

    Our own beliefs don’t limit God or the truth, but if we don’t let them grow, they will limit ourselves.

    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5


  7. Hello guys,
    Ok i enjoyed reading this, but in the bible if you see, there is no mention of jesus being unmarried, because at that time, being unmarried was weird.Also, there is no mention that he was married.
    The bible clearly states that jesus used to kiss mary m in the lips…and mary was a prostitute.
    Also i believe that jesus wanted to create his bloodline so that he could continue spread his preachings via his successors….and could preach christianity…I strongly believe it..
    Please make your answer as short as possible…if u want to reply :) :)


  8. I don’t know that I’d call not being married ‘weird.’ In the Jewish tradition, then, like today, (and like so many other cultures) there is strong encouragement *for some* to get married, settle down and have children. People are people. Whether then or today. People then weren’t that different than people today. Although the cultures were different, how people lived and died, what they felt, and thought worried about and hoped for have been the same throughout the ages. If you were to mix among them with today’s mindset, you could easily realize that people back then weren’t that different. They hoped and dreamt for the same things. They cried and laughed over the same things. They strove and fought for the same reasons. If you looked for it, you’d find the same issues, the same tasks, the same almost everything. It would just be in a different setting.

    2000 years ago, many people were just as likely to not get married as they are today. Even then people married and didn’t marry for similar reasons – love, finances, sex, vocations, work, pregnancies, societal pressures, political arrangements. All of these reasons for marrying or not marrying are still going on, just a little more dressed up in some cases. Even arranged marriages are still happening. Just ask those that are in these types of marriages. Look for them and you will find them.

    We can only be the person that we are. Looking at this from the perspective of the human race, we can only be the species that we are – with all it’s quirks and foibles. Whether we like it or not, we are humans both 2000 years ago and today.

    With regards to what the passages in the Bible say – I don’t remember ever reading that Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene. However, I’m not a Bible scholar and I could have just not come across it. If you, myself or anyone wants to believe a certain way, we will find passages or information that will support our beliefs. With regards to the Bible, different people interpret passages in different ways. For myself, I also rely on psychic information which I gather. I strive very much to read accurately and clearly. I work to not allow my own prejudices or preconceived notions to cloud what I see. My own “stuff” has its own vibration and as such I can recognize the difference between myself and the Akashic records of a situation which I’m reading. Because of my efforts, I do have confidence and belief in my work.

    With regards to Jesus having a sexual relationship and having children, I also draw upon the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce. My readings parallel Edgar Cayce’s in putting forth that Jesus wanted to be her savior, not her lover. Being her lover would have lasted a few years. Being her savior lasts for eternity.

    My understanding is that Jesus came not in the earth for an earthly mission of creating a DNA strain or a bloodline. He came in the earth to re-establish the kingdom that is not of this earth – to demonstrate that death is not death – to open the door for the earth to be a location where the soul can reunite with the awareness of its maker being closer than our own breath, and with this awareness, then walk the road back to becoming aware of our innate oneness with God and with all souls. The love that brings this forth is available equally to all souls, not just Mary Magdalene.

    Ultimately, we choose what we believe, because that is what we want to believe – not for any evidence, but because of the feelings and emotions that are in our own hearts related to our beliefs.


  9. It would not surprise me to find out that Jesus had chrildren. Why wouldn’t he have had, but then I believe Joesph was his father as well.
    All that is besides the point and detracts from the greatness of his teaching.
    Too bad too many people are too concerned about those issues.
    If one concerned oneself with what he said and what he did, one’s pathway to him would be so much shorter.
    He was the light and the way, but we are such a stupid species, we’d rather kill our neighbour than love him.
    It’s been more that 2000, years now, and how many of us have made it home. Jesus obviously had no time frame in mind when he said “These and greater things shall you do”


  10. for all of you, I’m sorry before I explaine something, I want to ask you for all who has read bibel, Is your bibel is God’s word or just people writing it to the bibel?? just chek it out from edition 30 years ago and now or 1000 years ago…. is it same statement??? I don’t know how to say in english… there are many mistaken in bibel, It’s not same like al qur’an for islam, who is writing al qur’an??? muhammad??? he can’t read and writing…, why al qur’an same word and same statement from 1400 years back until now there haven’t been changed until now. so just compare al qur’an and bibel ., but you have to believe you regiligion first after that you can read al qur’an…, what the different??? in al qur’an , jesus is married and have children and you check from da vinci code when jesus with the last supper and check their clothes between maria magnalena an jesus and what their relationship between them….
    I’m apologize if there some mistaken …

    yunizar hasanu


  11. In giving a reading on The Da Vinci Code, all Akashic information says it’s fiction. When interviewing the author of The Da Vinci Code, the author says “It’s fiction.”

    For all humans – We believe what we believe because we want and choose to believe that. We don’t believe what we don’t believe, because we want and choose to not believe it. Within the infinite consciousness that is God exists infinite possible ways to learn about God – from all religions and all beliefs.

    God can take any willing heart and open mind and teach this willing heart and open mind through any available belief system. Would anyone think that He can’t?


  12. Archangel have to let you know that everything in the bible, once again bible, is true. some may say it is full of mistakes, but if you need to be informed, then listen: The word is written in a mystery. If you take the time to request your need from God, and your heart is right with God I believe he will respond. Patience is a good manner to have when doing this, why rush and miss your opportunity for reception of what you have requested.

    I can say much more about this, enough to have you say enough!! lol!! But on a serious note, to true and obey God (Jesus) will open the doors to great break-throughs. You all stay blessed


  13. Well we all know how to make babies and no way Jesus was born from a virgin and not everyone knows the truth… most of its locked away as secret who knows?? And wasn’t Jesus against religion?


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