Passing Over

“What can we do to prepare for direct and quick ascension to the highest frequency after we leave form…as opposed to being confused and hovering for awhile?”  C.L.

Hugh Lynn Cayce answered this question this way…  (paraphrasing) When we pass over, look for the Light.  We will find it.  Hold onto the Light as long as you can.  There may be distractions but focus on the light as long as possible.  When we become distracted away from the light, we may then stay at that level until we let go of whatever the distraction was.

My advice is keep an open mind to what is beyond this life.  When the time comes, feel free to ask as many questions as come to you.  This will allow that which is real to come forth, rather than your own mind creating a scenario that plays itself out in your consciousness based on preconcieved beliefs.

When my grandfather passed away, I met with him and asked him what it was like.  He looked around and said, “I don’t know yet.”  I knew that he would soon find out and be helped.  He had not yet moved into the light, but his mind was open to whatever may yet happen.

Don’t be alarmed by any possibility of confusion.  There will be very good help for us when we disconnect the silver cord.  There is bound to be some confusion and unfamiliarity – like going into a room we’ve not been in for decades and decades.  There’s bound to be some slow examination of where we are at.  We tend to still think 3 dimensionally for awhile.  Plus there are many things about the other side, that are difficult to explain about on this side because there are not the words that give an adequate explanation or understanding, for example, if I told you there is no “up or down”, “left or right”, or “front or back”, would our minds be able to wrap around it in such a way as to fully understand this?
The dream and meditation experiences help us best to prepare for the other side, in the same way that learning how to swim in a pool helps us prepare for swimming in the ocean.

When a person has apprehension, the best of help is available.  There really is no need for concern or apprehension.  There is kind and gentle ready help.  Just go into the Light, Hold to the Light.

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