Psychic ability in 250

In about 250-300 years, psychic ability will become common place on the planet. There will be different pockets of where it is more prevalent, and some pockets where it’s not so prevalent, but on the whole, the human race will actively accept it as a reality. It will be commonly utilized in many venues of life.  Currently, it is few people, and with those being questioned as to it’s authenticy.  It will become as a normally accepted aspect of human life.

It’s place in our world will still be conflictual up until then. The support for acknowledgement of psychic ability will still be a struggle until then, but slowly get more widespread acceptance and development.

Until the 250 year time, it will not be prevalent throughout the human race. While it’s acceptance of it’s reality will grow quicker in society, and it’s understanding will grow as well, it’s development throughout the human race will take this much longer time period.

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