A Woman President?

I’m now “seeing” a strong potential for a woman president in 2044.  The presidential race of 2008 and it’s outcome are very strong contributing factors to this.  The outcome will motivate greater effort in the next few decades to have women be more active in the political scene and to bring forth a woman president.


3 thoughts on “A Woman President?

  1. Right now, if all things stay the same, I see a woman vice president possible in 2020 or 2024. I don’t see the first woman president being yet in politics, but I think she’ll enter the occupation/field of politics at the end of this decade or beginning of the next decade.


    • As of right now, April 2, 2023, and in other articles I’ve posted. I am still seeing Joe Biden win a 2nd term and Kamala Harris being the woman to be the Vice President in both of these elections. I also do see her move into either “Acting President” or President due to President Biden’s health issues.


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