Elections Predictions

In October, 2012, I was able to see that the Democrat, Barack Obama would win reelection in November, 2012, but that in 2016, the Republican candidate would win, and for only 1 term.

Now, the strongest timeline I’m seeing is that in Nov., 2020, the Democratic Candidate, Joe Biden, will win, and in 2024, as well – 2 terms.  However, I’m also seeing Joe Biden ending his 2nd term early, and either Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the 47th President about midway through the 2nd term – around 2025-2026, or she will be an Acting President by way of the 25th amendment for the last 2-3 years.

There is also a slim, but not impossible, timeline available to us, that would have Joe Biden finish all 8 years, but that is not likely at this point.  It’s just not impossible.  I say this to let it be known that some futures can have a high chance vs. a low chance of happening, and are not set in rock.  Many decisions and choices are to happen between then and now.


“The beginning of developing accuracy in all psychic abilities, whether they be hunches, intuition, gut feelings, or clairvoyance and the like, begins with the person regularly practicing being honest with oneself.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, by Jodie Senkyrik, 2020)

10 thoughts on “Elections Predictions

    • I do see the Republicans proceeding with another appointee as they did with the last two. Since they can, they are. Many of them see the writing on the wall with the loss coming to them in the White House. So, the Republicans in the Senate will do what they can to appoint a 3rd Justice to the Supreme Court. As of right now, today, I’m not seeing anything stopping them.


  1. I thought your prediction that Hillary Clinton would never be president was errily prescent. However, it’s hard for me not to see Trump winning again. He’s still got the states he needs on his side. Biden might win the popular vote and even by a larger margin than Hillary Clinton. But if you take away the vote count from California and New York, Trump won the popular vote. That says a lot. Unless there is a spoiler, looks like Trump will win again. I can’t see Biden making it through a debate without getting slaughtered. What states do you think will make a difference? Texas? Florida? Minnesota?


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