30 Minute Readings by Donation (updated)

Because of all that is and has happened regarding Covid-19, the economy and such, from now to around the summer/fall of 2024, I am going to offer 30 minute (or less if desired) readings for whatever donation you feel you can make. (My normal rate for a 30 minute reading is $45.)

This is for anyone seeking the help I offer, who may desire it, but might not have the money otherwise. Choose what donation amount you can offer. Please have 1 or 2 specific questions ready because 30 minutes goes by QUICKLY. I will continue to record them and work to get the recording to you asap. Appointments will still need to be made via email.

Remember, if your questions are public in nature, then ask for free on my blog or twitter. Any questions in the comments, I answer free, anyway.

7 thoughts on “30 Minute Readings by Donation (updated)

    • What an amazing and full arena for human soul work. The vast majority of souls who are born black, choose to, in order to help further the changes that are needed and are being worked towards.
      First, one of the things I see: overseeing the challenge is the message of-

      “We are completely and fully human beings, no different than any other human being, worthy of all to which every human being has a right – respect, honor, freedom of opportunity, recognized equal value to the world, worthy of taking one’s rightful and equal place on the stage of life, and recognized equal value to God, the Creator of All Life.”

      The struggle we are going through on our planet now, will continue on into the 2050’s. Think back to 1990, and examine where we were then. 30 years from now can seem like a short time and a long time. It is both. I see changes being better developed in the 2050’s, – not eliminating the problems in race relations, but bringing forth leadership which will help bring forth slow but helpful transformation of attitudes and therefore, how race relations problems are resolved.

      Mankind’s history is full of prejudice and devaluing of different cultural groups – throughout eons of time. This is a true soul consciousness challenge. One can even say that it is Biblical in nature which can be seen with the stories of Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel. It did not begin there, but rather souls brought in this and other shortcomings when souls enter into the Earth’s physical realm. These shortcomings manifest in many ways including unconsciously holding “I am better (more important, more this, more that) than you, and I will gain more favor with God, be deserving of more love, than you.” This comes from the imbalance in the learning and growth of the soul. It also comes from the forgetting of ourselves as spiritual beings first, rather than physical beings.

      In addition, one major thread of this arena of inner work is the “biting of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” This means that every soul must deal with the inner desire to judge others as good and bad. This perspective also flows through the “seeing others as worthy or unworthy”. This perspective is ALWAYS subjective and up to the individual soul. The responsibility then of transforming this challenge, changing this aspect of one’s attitudes, relies solely on the individual. Fortunately, God is always available to help, and remember, “With God, all things are possible” (Jesus Christ), including resolving and healing racial problems.

      One day, on Earth, there will be species from many different planets – that look even more different than humans do to each other.

      Until then, the judgement and prejudice towards others of different groups, goes on still today. The questions we can ask ourselves, are, “How are we part of the solution?” and “How are we part of the problem?” because all of us are both.


  1. If I may ask another question: What will life be like in the future? For example the 2060s.
    I can’t even imagine how different a world it will be by then. How will we live? Will we still work for a living? Will TV and video games still be around? How is technology going to change? How will our diet change? Will the world be safer? I’m so curious!


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