The 2016 Winter Weather

I haven’t put up much weather predictions because the meteorologists watching and predicting the weather for the 2016 winter have been spot on close to what I see.

Overall, I see, again, the 2016 winter being harder than last year’s. There will be heating oil and other energy shortages and the winter weather will create problems getting heating fuels into the areas.

New England
The New England states are going to be the worst hit of the states with winter weather. Their temperatures and snow levels will be equal to last year and even a little worse. This includes New Jersey, Pennsylvania (the western edge of the worst weather) and Washington, D.C. reaching into Virginia and some into Ohio.

While the meteorologists see the winter being warmer, this doesn’t mean “warm”.  This means warmer than the average temperatures have been in years past.  We’ll still see very difficult weather for Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and parts of Vermont. The snow that is happening now in these states, is serving to give people a “heads-up” and will start coming down permanently in November. I see deep snow in these states on through the winter until it starts dwindling in March (but not gone) and then starts melting in April. The last of their snow will be on the ground in May and a little in June. And as odd as it might seem, I see a possibility for more snow at the end of April or beginning of May, but it won’t be enough to add to the hardship. For these northern most states, December will bring cold, snow and some storm winds, possibly having -50F being mentioned regularly in some form in the areas. [I am not seeing the -50F temperatures at this time of looking – 12/6/15]  January will be just as bad as December, and February will equal January. However, I see fewer storms in February, but the cold and snow will stay as is.

While March will see lessening of the severity for the lower New England states, I see the higher N.E. states Winter lasting well past March and include half of the Spring months. Spring temperatures won’t arrive until May/June in the higher N.E. states.

Eastern States
I see the Atlantic states having a harder winter than they did last year, as well.  The average temperatures of the years past would be colder and so it can be said that this winter’s temperatures will average out to be warmer, (but still not warm.)  The cold winds will be their most difficult part. There will be lots and lots of ice on the roads – especially January and February.  Once they get into [December and 12/6/15] January, they’ll see snow skiing become more and more unfavorable because of the ice forming. Their time in this difficult Winter weather will begin to end at the beginning of March. It will be sudden – like turning a switch. February will be very cold, and March will be suddenly warmer -rather than a gradual warming. There a chance for a late snow storm near the end of March but with the warmer temperatures happening, it can turn into rain. Some flooding could happen in a few areas in March.

Central US States
Again, warmer than the yearly averages does not mean “warm.”  The Winter in these states will be somewhat worse than last year, but most of the worst of it will be January and February and not past the Spring date in March. North Dakota, S. Dakota, Minnesota and that area will have what seems like normal winter weather for them – a hard cold winter equaling the New England states – but again, the average temperatures will be warmer than the past yearly averages.  [There won’t be much fluctuation better or worse away from what they usually get. 12/6/15] Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, will have winter storms with snow during December and January, but the harshness will back off some in February.  Spring will arrive in March.

The Southwest

We’re not going to see anything out of the ordinary – like a mild winter.  This will seem very much like a normal, cold, winter.  We’ll see it being much colder than last year’s mild winter.  But, not as bad as 2014 was – 2 years ago.  That doesn’t mean it won’t be cold.  It just means that it won’t be a repeat of 2014.   The Southwestern states will face many cold fronts and freezing temperatures.  For states that aren’t built for cold, this can be a very difficult time.   This winter should be considered a practice run for the winter of 2017 which currently looks like it will be extremely difficult almost equal to 2014.  Don’t block out the winter of 2014, it looks to be coming again and being forewarned is being forearmed.

The West & Northwest

California, Nevada, on up to Washington to Montana – this whole area will have a much warmer winter than the rest of the nation.  At times, the people of Colorado will wonder when winter is going to start.  There will be cold temperatures, [and storms 12/6/15] but for the most part, this will be the year of a milder winter than some of the past winters in the Western states.

For the most part, the meteorologists are forecasting some of the same things I see.  If anyone in the East decides to go west for the warmer winter, take your own water.




9 thoughts on “The 2016 Winter Weather

  1. Jodie,

    Thank you for continuing to warn us.

    I recently came across a clip of Ven. Master Chin Kung’s Dharma teachings, and in it he talked about (paraphrasing):

    “…The Ancients have said that Vice cannot triumph against Virtue. Thus, the collective virtuous prayers of a small number of good people can avert global disasters. For instance, the collective prayers of 10,000 kind and virtuous people alone can neutralize or avert the global calamities caused by the impure thoughts of the other 7 billion people on this planet.”

    Thus, if just a few scores of us are willing to do good and pray constantly for the benefit of local and regional communities that are at risk of bad weather, I’m sure that any difficulties this (and future) winters are slated to bring will be averted or greatly lessened.

    Here is the original clip (in Chinese):

    Namo Amitabha,



    • Expect colder weather the last 10 days of December. Then in January, look for temperatures all over the place – both warmer and colder. Then in February, expect all of February to be cold ! I see more regular storms come through your area through almost all the days from mid-January to the 1st week in March.


    • You’ll find some of what I’ve seen for California in other articles. Select the “California” category on the right hand side.
      Meanwhile, I see the best chances for rain during the winter months. Look for some, but not all over California. Once the Spring comes, look for the same drought to show itself again. All through the Summer, too. But, remember, prayers change things. It’s also possible to pray for the weather patterns to heal.


  2. I live in Pennsylvania. It’s going to be 74 tomorrow, December 24th. The long range forcasts don’t even mention a high temp in the 30’s until mid January….. What meteorologist are you watching/hearing?


    • Keep an eye on the national weather meteorologists, like the weather channel or In the short term, you’ll see fluctuations like you’re describing. Many of the “winter” forecasts are for the long term – the winter as a whole averaging out – from Dec 22, 2015 to Mar 21, 2016. In looking at the weather forecasts, this is where one can see science and spiritual predictions come together. For the most part, what a psychic sees is about the same as what the scientific models “see” and therefore both predictions can be very similar.
      And the reality is both psychics and meteorologists can still be off in our predictions – by misunderstanding what we see or not seeing clearly. The “science of predicting” is more art than exact science – more “interpretation” of information than “recipe”. That’s why all psychics can give information that doesn’t manifest as given. That and the fact that the future can change based on human decisions – even weather. Keep watching and listening to both scientific and psychic predictors, though. It teaches us to all listen to the voice we have within our own heart, and with an open mind geared towards understanding rather than expecting 100% perfection and then being severely disillusioned when perfection doesn’t come forth.


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